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Minna and the view


du maïs sur la tour ronde

harvesting corn on the tour ronde was just perfect. fuck extreme skiing! and fuck that hair on my sensor.


I was hired as a photographer by elemental adventure
things didnt happen as planned due to a broken heli. nevertheless we scored 3 good days of skiing: swiss style . The villages and the people are beautiful and generous , the scenics are just breathtaking hense the amount of pictures. I tried to put just a few…i will just shut up then! I want to go back.


No pictures on a 80cm fresh layer . my lens was foggy on a good shot.

blue bird

the window

the spring weather patterns are making the weatherman look like a hysterical junky who took a bunch of acid before writing his forecast. However, we found a window big enough for a kaw-aw-wing crowmonkey, a growling goat, a punkviking a few frenchies some yankees ..later followed by more vikings and one south african.

dave rosenbarger

poudreuse with a view

david rosenbarger

mark shelp

mark shelp

john minogue

john minogue

nicklas hansen

nicklas hansen

david rosenbarger

mark shelp


les jardin de talefre

My friend Kevin who I met riding in Mammoth lakes california is visiting cham for the first time. We havent seen each other since i moved to Chamonix and he moved to Montana (is there mountains there?). So what a better way to introduce him to cham and to what Ive been doing for the past 5 years than to take him in the heart of it all: Les jardins de talefre. Loaded with wiskey, pastis and cigarettes we go on his first ride up the aiguille du midi and on to the refuge du couvercle on a 2 days trip. My 2 rad friends Brendan and Magnus joined us for the first day. We skied the croulante and the col des droites. both in good conditions. The col des droites was perfect corn top to bottom and is a great run, i have being denying that run over the more aggressive runs around for a long time and it ended up being the best skiing i’ve had in that basin. Dumb me. Despite a crampon coming off his soft snowboard boots , kevin did great and came back in one piece. We would have stayed another week there, but we ran out of booze, cigarettes and snus…

B Line -lunch at elevation and a hot chick

our plan was the summit. but, considering the funky snow we were walking on we opted for the more direct B-line. It was a very esthetic ski and a great enjoyable descent despite that snow which i cant really describe. just funky, hard to read kind of snow. but edgeable. all good. and then the hot chick with a burger.

and here are pictures from my friend philipe Ebert taken another day but it gives a good sens of scale on the first lower section with skiers on it

shadow light

rando race-powder rollers-lunch at C9

aiguille rouge flim flam-dead bouctin-a fake key hole-beer

the Rond ..a little sketchy

There is something to say about being sea side and then waking up at the top of the rond. the rond and the cosmique were not so friendly today. . slabs and hidden ice and wind crust…we triggered about 4 slabs (some bigs) skiing down and i went on 2 front flips releasing my 2 skis each time with that crusty between those, it was fun. deep and face shot . the cosmique apparently had some big slabs as well. we all made it down. safe. good times. then we did another round down the valley blanche…just because.

powder dream

luca pandolfi


The rond felt very steep today.

got scared for a minute…

rest Day

We were enjoying a nice rest day drinking coffee under the sun at a chamonix terrace when at 2.30 greg called Olli saying he had just landed in town and would like to take a midi run. by 3.30 we were at the top of the cosmique ready to go for a very good sunset powder run…

Greg and Olli at the rap

ryan and greg

greg and ryan



The couloir Angelique. A glorious traverse.

Since I have skied the capucin couloir directly facing the angelique i wanted to ski it. The Angelique is very hard to get in good condition due to its aspect (south) and shape (narrow couloir). But this year , all the South faces are filled in and i thought i would give it a try with my friends Ryan Boyer , Brett Lotz visiting from California and Ross Hewitt a scottish chamonix local. WE decided to go first bin and to climb the NNE of les courtes and traverse to the Angelique on the other side. I didnt think much of that part since i have climbed and skied that face making big turns numerous times. I was wrong, it was definitely an alpine climb. The strong N wind have ripped the face of its snow and the face was almost entirely ice. Sometimes just a thin layers of not supportive snow would hide the ice which made it harder. The top 3 rd part was all dinner plate breakable which if you are not used to it is pretty scary. to be faster we all roped up on that part to Ryan who was just flying up it. Actually Ryan and Brett, the 2 californians with heavy alpine ski set up were much faster than the 2 locals. ouch! take that in your face. Oh well, i have a 3 kg cameras. that is my lame excuse. The skiing was “marginal”. the couloir is narrow with 2 banks facing west and south. each banks have different kind of snow , old hollow powder sometime , hard crust , icy bumps , rock steps and so on. and it is all pretty steep. Lower down as the angle soften, the snow was better, smooth powder or spring snow which allows us to make nice big turns. All of this made it an amazing ski-alpinism outing, very technical in an amazing setting, traversing from one basin to the other. The couloir is amazingly beautiful and is all worth it good or bad snow. Call me crazy but this is the kind of skiing I like. We were rewarded by a beautiful sunset skiing in smooth powder and corn down the talefre basin and the mer de glace and then the james bond to a fresh beer at the elevation. good day.

That is the NNE of les courtes we climbed up. Here it looks like a nice freeride run . it is. but today was all ice

that is the couloir angelique on the other side

hiking up the argentiere basin

brett at the beshrund. not a easy one

at the shrung

brett and ryan going fast

ross hewitt

to third. the ice was breakable and scary. we roped up

tyan leading

at the col

ryan boyer at col

brett lotz and ross hewitt at col


ryan boyer on alpine ski.

me trying to get a picture with lens foggy and not so stable

Brett Lotz

brett lotz

brett lotz

Italy expresso powder pizza

Need I say more?


brett ryan and expresso

ryan getting it


powder turn

tele turn


pizza wine and gnocci


in the cosmique

First day in cham for my cali friends visiting…brevent cold snow/spring snow and some crap. market pizza and chicken and of course a cosmique which was…surprisingly good…not like knee deep good but silky smooth good. cosmique is always Fun. i think we skied about 27 000 feet…not bad.

ryan got the most face shots

Ryan Boyer Hucking the ice/rock bulge.

ben briggs, ryan boyer , brett lotz

ryan boyer, brett lotz

Ryan stylin it

ryan boyer

brett ryan rapping

ben briggs

brett lotz ryan boyer

ben briggs

the rond 12 feb

finally, after so long, i get to ski my be-loved run. I skied it only once last year and this is my first descent this year. And oh lord  did i feel  like a virgin. All sweaty and shy. So for the betas, i think you could ski straight down from the middle, it looked good. But the little shy virgin that i am  then opted for the safest hardest not slabby skier left ridge. It was nice anyhow, grippy with some good pow turns here and there..some slippery ice which kept me in focus …the exit couloir was variable: deep pow turns mixed with some crusty ones. Nice skiing. very conservative. we decided to go down the bosson, where the glacier just collapsed entirely on the traverse back to the moraine. which left massive balls of ice you have to ski over while looking at the very threatening tongue of the glacier. then the way back to cham is very good EXEPT those fuckin dogs. OK! now, (rant) wtf.  one sounding irish dude nicely asked us to take our skis off  to traverse the dog shit town so the fuckin dog wouldnt bite us. Ok, fine, we had a good day, no need to argue here , we proceeded. I can t wait for the March daily rush hour. And why do those people have so many fuckin dogs. and why do they let them shit on their bed. this is gross. so retarded. I lived in a van for 5 years, it was the best time of my life, off the grid , alone, and no fuckin dog barking….so far from this dogshit town situation…

January 2012 was very powdery

luca pandolfi

luca pandolfi

luca pandolfi

luca pandolfi

luca pandolfi

luca pandolfi

luca pandolfi

tom grant

tom grant

tom grant