I ve been getting various messages/remarks on my camera/pictures tilting. so.. i feel the urge to clarify myself on that subject. As far as i am concerned “steep” is very subjective and is not about numbers. The steepest run i skied were not the steepest in degree.steep is a feeling: that moment when at the top of a run you realized the wind and sun have been unfair, you remember you havent tuned your super fat banana skis for a year, oh and there is a screw missing on one of the binding. that is steep. cross country skiing on those skate skis without edges can feel veeeery steep. Powder isnt steep. Now , about numbers, what is steep? in chamonix we have a long history of “steep” skiing. The most recent documented exemple is probably Andreas Franssen skiing the col de L’ aiguille verte here

or look there dd rhem or again this marco ziffredi and look up benedetti, boivin and so on and so on. you could also check Remy Lecluse blog for more recent first Descent or….So now that we all know what steep is and that most of us will never ski steep, can we all relax? If i tilt the pictures, it isnt because i want to show us skiing the steeps. … it is just because I like it better that way. period….i m just showing people having a lot of fun in the outdoors, i am not making a topo and well…i am not part of the stunt show.

One response

  1. Pete

    We love you Cedric. Tilt away if it makes you happy. Allez!

    March 22, 2012 at 7:22 pm

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