training on Nusa Penida

Trying to almost fall asleep but not totally on the descent . with

Monsoon edit

It is monsoon in Thailand, while i’ve only seen one rainy day, the ocean isn’t clear , lots of dust particle and dark ocean. So I have to smooth out images with sun in front or else it is snowing. Especially on that kind of shots . So dusty. But i like the smoothed out look on that one .

Fun dive with apnea total

Freediving trip.

So far stuck with sinuses issues .

Bangkok skyline
Koh Tao skyline
Food Joint


Summer 2022.

Nothing really happened this summer , i worked mostly . 2 Jobs. Nothing happened Except it was the driest hottest summer i experienced in 15 years . The most crowded also. Probably the coldest for the rest of our lives . The mountains didn’t look happy and healthy. The cabane de la fourche fell down. A lot of things fell down . Sweden voted a (literal) Nazi party as leadership. Italy voted a fascist one . Russia. well. Russia. Anyways . the most beautiful thing was also the simplest : The ascension festival at the cabane du cerro. This was organic . Awesome. beautiful people . Cozy atmosphere . And all. As the world is crumbling apart we need more of those things.

Some photos .

The ascension festival at the cabane du cerro was by far the best festival and party I have been to in my 15 years chamoniards existence. I’ve discovered local talents musicians painters speakers crafters chef wine makers I didn’t know  existed. 

A revolution was happening in this little ghostly corner of the valley and most people didn’t know about it .

The caban du cerro is older than us all , built when the bosson glacier was still alive and well . It belongs to the people of chamonix , the mayor and team vote every 6 years? or so whose project manages it . 

The past years local environmental warrior and social cohesion hero Timothé was in charge of it . He transformed this little cabin into a heaven where local artists could show off their work to a crowd eating food produced almost exclusively on site . And let me be clear , in todays complete biosphere disaster lead by rogue capitalism, to transform a piece of rugged forested hills old moraine into a sustainable permaculture garden  able to feed a clientele  enjoying local artistry and culture all of which mentioned in the Gault et Millau guide is nothing less than a revolutionary act . Unfortunately, the  elected right wing politics hate revolution. Unless it brings profits. Lots of it . So this sustainable and financially sound cultural garden of Eden was voted out to be replaced by a  perfect MBA project supposedly super profitable . 

So, The Cerro team decided to make a 5 days festival on their way out with all the people who participated in this adventure patrons and artists .




This was good . 

La culture est l’heritage de la noblesse du monde


After 2.5 years of covid lock down i was finally allowed to indulge in a trip. Just 10 days this time. My primary objective was to get back into free diving mode . Maybe spearfishing and some wildlife photos. The spearfishing guys were not in Amed anymore , my first stop . So I enjoyed free diving and chilling sucking in this tropical setting. Indonesia makes us Europeans low income folks feel like millionaires . A day in a bungalow with a scooter , 3 great meals plus beer is the price of royal with cheese . The staff and people are sweet and awesome with good spirits . I traveled to Nusa Penida, an island south of Amed to try to catch on camera the manta ray and mola mola . Unfortunately full moon and high sea didnt allow that. 10 days is definitely too short but I made plans for a much longer stay in the fall .

turkish airline view

turkish airline view
turkish airline view

turkish airline view

a temple, mosque, church


Seth Morrison