petit mont blanc-domenech and y couloir aiguille d argentiere

Northeast petit mont blanc-Bonatti

epaule du taculwith ross hewitt

epaule du tacul with brett lotz

around the dome de miage with compagnet-rihiimaki-cassagrange

argentiere basin, north face midi

Rock climbing rebuffat, aiguille du midi

bell2 lodge canada

ski powder

rock climbing-aiguille de purtscheller

rock climbing-le ticket

rock climbing-pilier des contes: conte de la folie ordinaire

rock climbing-aiguille des pelerins. grutter ridge

ski-col de la brenva: voie tardivel

ski-tour ronde east face  may 13th

ski col des courtes salopard may 9th-10th

ski-greenland 28-5 may


ski-blue bird

ski-a cosmique with Liz Daley, april 17th

ski-another rond. ski. april 15th

ski-col des cristaux. april 11. ski-snowboard

ski-cosmique april 6th ski

ski-les jardins de talefre. ski .29th -30 Mars

ski-chardonnet south. ski. 27 mars

ski-passon march 22

snow-aiguille rouge March 21

snow-the rond-ski march 20

rock climbing-Finale ligure.rock climbing. March 16-19

rock climbing-plateau du jardin.rock climbing. March 15

snow-les aiguille rouges tours-ski-march 10

rock climbing-aiguille du genepi south ridge-rock climbing-2 Mars

rock climbing-Paretone Italy-rock climbing-28 Fevrier

ice climbing-Gabaroo albioni-goulotte-ice climbing-27 Fevrier

snow-rond-ski-25 fevrier

ice climbing-cogne-ice climbing-24 Fevrier

snow-cosmique-ski-22 Fevrier

snow-couloir Angelique-ski- 21 Fevrier

snow-Hellbroner-ski-20 fevrier

ice climbing-les houches ice climb-19 fevrier

rock climbing-cosmique-ski-16 fevrier

rock climbing-the rond-ski -14 fevrier

Vallancant-ski-12 fevrier

grande jorasse: tronchey with tom grant

monviso with pandolfi-briggs

aiguille de l amone with pandolfi-briggs

aiguille d argentiere: y couloir

Eiger: west face with rosenbarger-hewitt-minogue-lee

couloir du diable with luca pandolfi

col du diable with mark shelp

mont blanc west face

tour ronde north face

les droites west face with mark shelp

aiguille verte: whimper with boyer-shelp-lotz

roi de siam-rock climbing

pointe adolphe rey, rock climbing

pilier rouge, rock climbing

kuffner, alpinism

high sierra, california-various

List of good classic i skied

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