This is not a pro photographer portfolio, this is not just a selection of my best images. This is a blog, my photography as well as post editing technique and vision evolved i do not go back in time and re-edit pictures. There is a real change of look and style between my first picture posted on that blog to today. And it will keep changing.

if you want to see some of my favorite work. here is a good place link-> 500pix

or my instagram <-link


Year 2016

year 2015

year 2014

year 2013


year 2012

Black and W. in pr0gress



la grave

chamonix heli and powder

japan hakuba2

japan hakuba



cosmo jazz

Lygen alps. norway

warren miller shoot


couloir alley bonatti. y couloir

couloir alley

Canada heli ski

ski la palud marbree with seth morrison, nate Wallace…

ski la palud jetoula with Davide capozzi, tom grant

some ice with thor husted

ski la palud with ross hewitt. tom Grant

aiguille du midi power porn with Bruno Compagnet, Pete Gaston, Dave Rosenbarger, Mina rihimaki, Dusan Benes

powder lower midi with luca pandolfi and Tom Grant

heli ski

autrichien ski with David Rosenbarger and John Minogue

skiporn with Olli Herren, Mina Riihimaki, Andreas Fransson, David Rosenbarger

last day of the year, la palud david rosenbarger

the day the world ended with christian cabanilla, david rosenbarger, luca pandolfi

midi opening day with ben briggs, christian cabanilla

powder skiingmore powder

just powder


gallery on elemental adventure website.

2nd gallery on elemental adventure website

rock climbing-aiguille de purtscheller

summer views

rock climbing-pilier des contes: conte de la folie ordinaire

rock climbing-arette gruter, aiguille des pelerins

rock climbing-kalymnos 3, rock climbing

rock climbing-kalymnos 2, rock climbing

rock climbing-Kalymnos, rock climbing

snow-col de la brenva : voie tardivel, ski

snow-col des courtes/salopard, ski

snow-greenland, ski

bird watching, scenic

snow-blue bird, ski (rond)

snow-a cosmique with liz daley, ski

snow-poudreuse with a view, ski (col des cristaux)

snow-shadow light, ski

snow-January 2012 ski snowboard, ski snowboard

snow-chardonnet south. ski

rock climbing-finale ligure rock climbing

snow-rond, ski

playground, scenic

one sculpture, scenic

rock climbing-plateau du
jardin. rock climbing alpine granit

snow-les jardins de talefres. ski

snow-rond, ski

snow-aiguille rouge, ski

powder dream, scenic

ice climbing-gabarrou albioni. ice climbing. goulotte


ice climbing-cogne-ice climbing

moody, scenic

The buttermilks…climbing


the happy boulders, climbing

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