La Palud.

2 laps on a perfect marbree with good people was a great way to end my winter13 part 1. part 2 will be heli skiing in canada and then… …Haines . Not much hiking/booting so far or in the next future aside from coke chute (east side cali)  in november!!!! It feels OK! Not many ski pictures today. too cold-too fast and it is february the crowd is arriving, they are here….!

A good day in la palud starts with coffee




Seth Morrison is among us

palud-2 palud-5



This is Luca pandolfi and Davide Capozzi  doing the avalanche control

palud-6 palud-7

Seth enjoying his first Marbree

palud-8 palud-9

A good day  in la palud always ends  with pasta under the sun or a giant pizza in town. red wine-beer -coffee and cigs…optional!


and this is Manu sporting some Gucci


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