year 2016

the good stuff of 2016

I bought 3 music albums.

Le trio Joubran-as fâr and Majâz. Amazing music from palestine!

radiohead a moon shaped pool.

ben milstein-untitled EP : sweet intricate electro

I bought one ski movie: Sam favret : backyard: sweet film showing the chamonix backyard and sam’s crew. Amazing imagery and editing.

my other favorite ski movies were : jordan manley: china and jordan manley: Iran

Manley is still my favorite .

and also: la liste where jeremy heitz show us how to ski steep today.

2016 started at the infamous berghain


All kind of Chamonix happened.




chamonix, france, cosmique couloir

chamonix, france, cosmique couloir


couloir alley italey

couloir alley italey


couloir alley italey

couloir alley italey







lofoten norway

lofoten norway

lofoten norway, sauna-bath at lofoten ski lodge

lofoten norway, sauna-bath at lofoten ski lodge





lofoten norway

lofoten norway

Japan , hakuba

tokyo japan

tokyo japan

tokyo japan

tokyo japan


hakuba japan

hakuba japan

hakuba japan

hakuba japan















La grave




la grave

la grave


This is a video my friend Ben edited with footage we shot while traveling around iceland….A little skiing and lots of fun …

Iceland from Ben Briggs on Vimeo.

Arctic. Buy MADE IN ” LOCAL” .

As skiers we dream when we see those beautiful pictures in Svalbard or Baffin Island. The climate change and global warming is about to change everything about it. From oil rigs to world trade arctic new route is about to destroy all of it faster than we think. Sooner we will look at pictures of skiers skinning up black ice on baffin island with oil rigs as scenics. When we buy stuff made in “slave world” we agree with that status quo . BUY made in “local”
“”It’s not going to be me revoutionizing any new tech for lower emissions or sustainable energy. But I can be mindful of my own impact and do what I can to reduce it when possible and make smart decisions. But as a consumer I don’t know where I am allowed to stand. When I fill up my car and plug in my computer, or buy toxics clothes, I don’t feel like I am part of the solution. Everyone’s some part of the status quo. But that absolutely does not mean we forfeit our agency to change the situation. ”

When we buy stuff made in “slave world” we agree with that status quo .

this is the results of sending our dirty industries and toxic trash in china. because it is far and cheap “the age of stupid” …

link to china pollution

BUY made in “local”





Jordan Manley

Conditions in cham havent been very inviting so I’ve watched a lot of movies. After going thru my usual classic like “natural born killer” or “american beauty” and other “usual suspect” …i went back to the outdoor world and re watched All the Jordan Manley films. Those are still, by far, the best ski movies i have seen EVER. Well, to be fair, It is not your usual ski porn however they always take me somewhere with a well build atmosphere, good storyline and perfect imagery and most of all no bragging. They inspire me. To travel, go ski but also to maybe get into filming. More of a documentary/ski/poetic type stuff.
Unfortunately jordan is injured at the moment so nothing is new…but so good.

Argentina: A Skier’s Journey EP3 [Season 2] from Jordan Manley Photography on Vimeo.

Dubai: A Skier’s Journey EP2 [S3] from Jordan Manley Photography on Vimeo.

Baffin Island: A Skier’s Journey EP2 [Season 2] from Jordan Manley Photography on Vimeo.

Iceland: A Skier’s Journey EP3 [S3] from Jordan Manley Photography on Vimeo.

Japan: A Skier’s Journey EP1 S3 from Jordan Manley Photography on Vimeo.

Arolla-Zermatt-cosmique ridge

I got another side job, this time as a sherpa on a Corey Rich -marmot-polartec shoot. Being around another successful outdoor director was interesting. Especially Corey who was a bad ass climber/photographer bum living in a van back in those glorious yosemite days. His path is very unusual. Talented and hard worker his resume now goes from shooting gnarly climb up trango towers to apple ads and other nikon ads…impressive. check his website:

This time we had a drone which was fun to see those operate up in the alpines…not so practical but if you know what you are doing the footage from it are sick! To operate them isn’t all what you need , sean the pilot is a full on engineer able to trouble shoot and fix whatever bug there is on the drone or connections or fix the liaison between the drone and the monitor and so on. full job. Remote control operator could be a good idea for a lucrative career if you are into that. it is going to blow up…










Warren Miller entertainment. arolla

I was invited to follow Seth Morrison, Tim petrick, Heather Paul Featherman, Tom Day, Matty Moo herriger , Mike hattrup on a warren miller film segment shoot here around cham. The guide was Miles smart and the sherpa oli herren. The weather forecast was the typical spring unpredictable crap but Miles was able to make the best out of that, taking the crew to


where we were able to skin up to the refuge des vignettes ski a bunch of cool stuff. Next days heli ski the local classic couloirs with local young gun Gille Sierro. Back to cham on a very hot spring high pressure we went with helis back to swiss land ski some other classics . I managed to forget my ski boots on one of those epic heli days, ah , i will put it on my tiredness after working round the clock between that shoot and my nightshift desk job . It was all good times and pretty fun for me( ordinary ski bum) , to hang with people who have been shakers and movers in the ski world for quite sometimes now… We met with 1 swiss legend André Anzévui , the first to ski the north face of cervin among other beautiful swiss summit…I love flying with choppers, i won’t deny that. I should get my pilot license. 70 000$ -anyone?


seth morrison

heather paul weatherman


tim petrick, seth morrison

mike hatrrup

another swiss legend

another swiss legend


seth morrison

gille sierro


miles smart

heather paul featherman

mike hatrrup

seth morrison

seth morrison

mike hattrup

gille sierro

seth morrison

oli herren




seth morrison


cham fall

too much foehn here. I am heading to greenland

I was hired as a photographer by  elemental adventure  to take pictures on a heliski trip  in greenland. I am heading there sunday. I will keep on posting once i am there. meanwhile  2 videos:

freeriding in chamonix the past 2 weeks:

freeriding in austria? sometime before I was born:

Jordan manley

Jordan Manley is still my favorite ski film director.

Freshfield Icefield: A Skier’s Journey Ep3 from Jordan Manley Photography on Vimeo.


shane was the man

shane was the man

i like those guys, in French…learn it!


Jordan Manley

Jordan Manley is an amazing photographer and videographer. I love those 2 movies of him…

a Julien Regnier Video

this is the first pov that  I actually like.

rats in the shadow

If you havent seen this you should watch it . january 2012 in cham