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The drought effect

I remember (smiling at ) my friends in the sierra california who for the past 5 years have been skating on lakes whilst we were scuba diving neck deep powder. This is our turn now, drought means skatable lakes. It is cute …it was at the emosson dam so the views are alright. With John Minogue, Jtan jacob, jenn shelton and giulia Monego

Black and white

giulia monego, john minogue , emosson dam, ice skating

figure skating


Jenn Shelton

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Jenn Shelton, john minogue,



Gabbarou albioni

It was all going great until a blonde smoked us and a block of ice smashed my wrist. we backed off 2 third of the way. Not a good option to have a lazy late start on that one. people start from the hut and by the time you get there they are throwing missile at you from the rocky top……deadly.

funny how everything seems flat and small

Italia ice-climbing beer pizza gelato ristretto

just that.

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ryan in the hole



I little ice for a warm up.

I didnt climb since i was in Lundy canyon, that is 3 months ago. so I was is scary and …scary and really scary. It is a good skill to have but …it is fuckin scary. it is pretty silly to climb on a frozen water fall.