routes-o-graphie…a Photolist of lines- routes i skied -climbed .

SKI: most classic  with link to flickr pictures. 
there isnt everything i skied. just those where i could find pictures.
Today with the gear available anyone can get down on ski anything that has been skied : jump turning-side stepping-side way skiing. Especially for alpinists to whom what we can ski is a easy  route they usually run down with tiny metal blades.  I think there are only 10 skiers worldwide who have the strength/technique to ski big mountains- alpine grade-5.4- type run making good big turns-fluidly , with style combined with the knowledge to know when to go an with the alpinisms technique to safely get in/out . I am not one of them but i sure love it and have fun.

col de la brenva : voie tardivel

col des courtes

aiguille croulante, couloir sud

col des cristaux

Eiger:west face

chardonnet south

couloir angelique

col de la verte


Monviso couloir coolidge

aiguille de l amone N.face

aiguille d argentiere , y couloir

eiger: west face

couloir du diable

col du diable

aiguille verte: whimper

col des cristaux


mont blanc west face

tour ronde north face

col du plan north face

aiguille du midi eugster

les droites south west face

And here is a link on my flickr account with a few more in california : flickr

climbing.i suck at climbing but i love it . im just a little scared and hum… weak. I had a rope gun on some of those route. i would like to get better…maybe this year.

aiguille de purtscheller

aiguille rouge

le ticket

pilier des contes: conte de la folie ordinaire

arette grutter: aiguille des pelerins

grande jorasse, arette tronchey

roi de siam

pointe adolphe rey: salluard

aiguille du midi: frendo

le pilier rouge: marchand de sable

pointe lachenal: contamine

mont maudit: kuffner

Le pouce

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