i used the MOOV 37 for the past year and i love it. the waist belt is more comfortable but most importantly it has a opening from top to bottom on the side allowing for easy access …a better option for me and my camera gear…



I used cilao for 8 years now. I just change my 33l this year. I owned the previous one for 7 years its a lot for a ski/alpinism bag. Everything was still fine on it except the ski straps which broke (i was forcing my 130 skis in it). I wanted them to fix those because i love the way the fabric aged, they gave me another one instead . Cilao crew are based in chamonix. their bags are simple yet have everything needed to place ALL of your gear at the right place. They ski/climb very well, they don’t move. They hug your body very nicely. super light. I own a 33L and a 55L. Another LOCAL and fair trade brand. the only problem I’ve had with those is with no weight, those bags are built so it hugs your back and don’t move with heavy weight, you don’t feel it. if you just have a sandwich in there, it won’t be as comfortable. T84A0709





I bought a clip from peak design allowing me to strap my camera on my bag, belt …I needed a protection easy to get on and off so to protect the camera. I went to cilao and they designed one in less than a week . I can attached it to the peak design clamp. it stays there for when i need it. pretty rad…





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