I used many bindings thru out time. those fritchyis, salomon, markers and so on. i have been very happy with all of them . I am not really the guy to talk about binding as i do not huck cliffs, i am pretty light and my skiing is light as well. I would say , today, if i had to buy a new pair of alpine binding i would probably go salomon race stuff, all metal. for a heavy touring binding i would buy marker. For low tech bindings, i use plum. They are made locally , here in cluse, by very passionate awesome people. You can go to the plum factory and meet with them, they will be happy to show you around the factory. plum have been making race tour binding for a long time. Whenever you have a problem , you can go there and they will fix it. surely local and fair trade. the binding them selves are sturdy, light, practical and ski well. And apparently as good or better than the dynafit (I never owned dynafit) Exluding the new dynafit beast 16 which obviously is next level mostly for those who want to charge down AK spines with their tech quiver …. I would like to get the wider plum. when ill have money, somedays T84A0707

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