2016-the Leki didn’t last very long. I have now used the warmest Level glove for 2 season. while i don’t think they are that warm they are still in good condition.

2013-I NEVER OWNED A PAIR OF GLOVES THAT LASTED MORE THAN A SEASON. I tried everything: hestra, BD, oakley, mountain hard wear, dakine, north face, queshua. they are expensive and usually are done after a season. Also , my hands get cold really fast and i have to take picture…so hard to find the good ones. This year a friend gave me a pair of leki. never tried leki. we will see. they look warm, kind of bulki but the liners are separate and very functional, gore tex, windproof, warm and looks durable. T84A0706

this is the gloves after one season. This what happens to all my gloves . usually.

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