Moontribe and other desert tribes

moontribe is to partying what chamonix is to skiing. There is no such thing as partying other than in the desert.

Moontribe played a very important role whilst in California. I started going in 1996 and on until 2005 link. It  became my lifestyle. The sound in the desert just seem to emanate from the mountains, the bass filtered by the sand is clear and deep. I  would find a party in the desert  every week. None of them were commercials, a different experience and vision of partying . No one is trying to make money, everyone is participating in some way.  there are no rules and every one  is  making sure  their friends and friends of friends  are  at the same level of sort and so  everyone is having fun. Blasting, freaking out, Dancing in the desert is unique , sunset-moonrise-moonset-sunrise are a clock. I can walk faraway and have a sens of stillness yet hearing the heart of the party beating.  There is a real sense of community . It feels and is tribal. I had some of my most intense experiences/epiphany  out in the desert. Moontribe Djs  play a recognizable  desert sound no matter what style of music they are into. A lot of them  are  big names sound designers and still play at moontribe today . I try to go every-time i can, i miss the vibe very much. It messed me up, now i am pretty jaded. I find it hard to have fun in a crowded small sweaty bar/club with bad sound. Where they charge an arm for a beer -everyone wants your money, most people are drunk and aggro, star DJs on a stage being self absorbed…mostly hetero-normative dudes performing their biological gender role mission. dogs sniffing out females! yawn

Stomping the ground in the desert with a clear sound and beautiful people is truly one of my favorite place to be. Always. Forever. This is where i feel the best.

here are a few shots from december 2012

Moontribe old pictures

this is raw footage from 3 differents times in 2000

2 responses

  1. smurfshoe

    Did Mac_Maker create the love sign? havent been to moontribe in like 5 years, miss it dearly.

    September 23, 2014 at 12:08 am

  2. erikaequestrian

    This post is on point! Exactly how my friends and I feel about the socal desert scene. Thank you thank you for sharing. Love&light ❤

    October 13, 2014 at 11:12 pm

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