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Adventure yoga retreat in kalymnos the end. climbing, tits grabbing and beatches.

the apartment we rented was very nice and conveniently located , 15 min from the grand grotto (kalymnos main attraction) 2 min from the beach and town. It was fully equiped and clean. The owner is Antonio Galouzis : Antonio and his wife are amazing people and made sure our stay was delightul. Very often , we would come back from sending 8a all day and be greeted by tasty greek delicacy made by Antonio’s wife. (the first pictures shows the apt). Also , the trip was organized by adventure yoga retreat. It went as smoothly as it could be. They have yoga surf trips in portugal as well. The people in Kalymnos are very nice and welcoming. I highly encourage anyone to go to Kalymnos or anywhere in greece and spend as many euros as you could. IT will be well worth it. And good for greece. I will shut up now…time for the tits grabbing pictures…

this was our house

the hole. some good climbing in there.

the cove

hot chicks

heather swift

heather swift

find the climber-

find the climber-

the hole

cape town (S.Africa) versus Bishop (california): Johnathan Jacobs (cape town) won by far.

cape town (S.Africa) versus Bishop (california): Johnathan Jacobs (cape town) won by far.


Johnathan Jacobs


the crew departure

tits handle bar….