le ticket le rond le carre et la lune. aiguille du peigne.

If the words : slabs, traverse, roof are frightening to you. beyond reason: you should go there. It will be fun. 250 meter of slabs. open by Piola. and if it is too easy add some wet-ness into the equation . The rock is so good that if you can give it up, if you can balance your all life on that one little coffee spoon dish or crystal or what ever they call a hold then you will realize it is holding you and start to commit to the next move. and again and again and again …Of course i did not lead anything and i was cussing and puffing. i had fun. My next step is to find a tarantula and lick her ass.

Ben briggs getting ready

ben briggs stepping over the first roof.

what is supposed to be a hold

vision of hell

Thor husted sending it.

Thor husted

thor husted

thor husted.


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