Existential boredome would define my summer.
Working a hotel job i dont really enjoy: a tourists factory; 100s of them from everywhere, lining up for one or 2 days all asking the same 3 questions in that order : wifi? , statue?, mont blanc? That is about all the sharing. I tried motivation to go high in the sky. my crazy night/day hours took the motivation away. I looked around the web for inspiration from friends post or something , I never found it. rock Climbing is tricky, if you dont climb you cant climb vis-versa.
Luckily there was a breath of elevated poetry and lyricism with the cosmo jazz. Thanks André Manoukian for that escape. A flying piano and voodoo singer took my soul for a ride for a minute.
A few drinks, a little climbing, walking around. that is about it.
A lot of yoga and pilate trying to find balance and clarity. Getting stoked for winter. maybe.

cosmo jazz-1-19web
cosmo jazz-1-22.webjpg
cosmo jazz-11web



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