first powder day

It felt like the first powder day.The vibe. The aiguille du midi isn’t my own private resort anymore. The fixed ropes are up and today everybody is here. Not many tourists yet: All familiar faces, riders, friends. All Here for the “grande mess ” to celebrate skiing and enjoy powder snow. It is nice too. I like it. I was not with anyone nor did i have any plans. I’m just going with the flow. At top it was hectic, i hate those fixed ropes. I decided to follow the wallace prod crew. But ..err…seth morrison and Tof decided to straight line the entire run. It was cloudy, i couldn’t take any pictures. The second run was a white out, my goggles froze , i regained orientation somewhere alone in the middle of the valley.I then found thor. I took a bunch of shots whilst waiting.




seth morrison

seth morrison

dusan benes

dusan benes




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