one week

A week of good hedonist fun with friends taking advantage of the snow. We are now entering another period of high pressure…maybe it is time to travel….Hakuba? Nelson B.C? …wherever there is snow …?

dave steiner

john minogue

I went one day with the french swallow tail dupraz so-local crew…it was fun but swallow tails are too fast for pictures …

lionel hachemi

lionel hachemi

babs charlet-lionel binet

On the 23rd, which is the day David Rosenbarger died , we all went up the midi, at the top of the cosmic to release some of his ashes into the strong wind. It was a perfect day to do it. sunny , windy and good snow down the valley blanche. we ended the day pretty late.

rosana hughes




Back into the couloir alley: glacier de Miage, where we skied the narrower couloir which doesn’t summit. The snow was good powdery chalk .Deep and scenic a sure classic. We then indulged in an expensive BBQ pig , fries and beers….

jonathan jacob

jonathan jacob

paul siljama

johnathan jacob

paul siljama


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