the rond 12 feb

finally, after so long, i get to ski my be-loved run. I skied it only once last year and this is my first descent this year. And oh lord  did i feel  like a virgin. All sweaty and shy. So for the betas, i think you could ski straight down from the middle, it looked good. But the little shy virgin that i am  then opted for the safest hardest not slabby skier left ridge. It was nice anyhow, grippy with some good pow turns here and there..some slippery ice which kept me in focus …the exit couloir was variable: deep pow turns mixed with some crusty ones. Nice skiing. very conservative. we decided to go down the bosson, where the glacier just collapsed entirely on the traverse back to the moraine. which left massive balls of ice you have to ski over while looking at the very threatening tongue of the glacier. then the way back to cham is very good EXEPT those fuckin dogs. OK! now, (rant) wtf.  one sounding irish dude nicely asked us to take our skis off  to traverse the dog shit town so the fuckin dog wouldnt bite us. Ok, fine, we had a good day, no need to argue here , we proceeded. I can t wait for the March daily rush hour. And why do those people have so many fuckin dogs. and why do they let them shit on their bed. this is gross. so retarded. I lived in a van for 5 years, it was the best time of my life, off the grid , alone, and no fuckin dog barking….so far from this dogshit town situation…

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