powder day

7am. I go thru my usual world wide web morning lurking. Nate sends ” ah? so? probably stay local today. ” Ok . GM then. Meeting point sole boot with seth, nicklas and olli, Nate. I will pick them up at 8.30. Sharp. I go thru my morning routine. head to my garage. The cham sud apt complex is a huge maze and i can’t find my fuckin car. Remember REMEMBER…maybe it is stolen or maybe brett took it to geneva. For 30 min all kind of fantasy fly around whilst i aimlessly walk around the maze. I can’t find it. Its a powder day, i will worry about it later. I forget my transceiver and go to sole boot, vaguely explain the situation. We end up in brevent which will not open until way later. Rosenbarger , clark, hagen are here and we all patiently wait at the bergerie restaurant listening to soft house music, drinking coffee, talking shit, dancing, enjoying the scenics…until its too long. The hagen crew split. we wait. 11 am. they open. we go up. “UP” looks wind effected with a reasonable amount of snow …Nate , olli, seth ski the ENSA-link. Me Nicklas and Daves’s crew will ski the next one over-link. It was good, i didn’t take any pictures. I was a little stressed out. I could not erase the picture i took of Martin widen’s last turn in that same zone a year ago, precisely. My camera is in my bag the all way. Rosenbarger triggers a few small slabs here and there on a over all pretty good powder run. Olli got sluffed out by incoming skiers in the ensa. Lost a few things on the way but ready for a run up the midi. I get my transceiver and glacier kit. Head to midi. Everything looks wind fucked , we head to the rond-link . After hearing olli and rosenbarger making that heinous scratchy sound at the top of the rond and the bottom not looking that much better, nicklas and myself opted for a soft exit down the gros rognon flat glacier hoping to find soft goods. it was all enjoyable despite being wind fucked. Back at moo bar with nachos, beer hearing all the epic stories of people getting stuck, sloughed out, or having to do 3 raps in a forrest run. Every one is back alive. Rosenbarger’s crew call me from the tunnel asking if my car keys are near my car. My car being at the tunnel and they need a ride back in town. I FOUND MY CAR. Great day.

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