Powder day 2

7.30. Midi info at 11, gm 9.30, brevent 10…what should we do. fuck. what should we do. ok. chill out , drink coffee , wait for info. wait wait. maybe we should go to gm…ah crowded. brevent. too thin. wait. gm? . brevent . maybe GM. ok! grand fuckin montet. Gear in car,
Hugo Harrisson in car, Birthday oli herren in car. drive. meet with thor and nate. grand montet. boots on. walk . too crowded. boots off. Hugo , birthday oli in car. drive. brevent? midi? brevent ? midi? midi still closed. brevent then. drive. boots on. lift up. ski lowers. ok, pretty good. midi is open. boots off. Hugo , oli in car. drive. park. lift up. ski lowers . oh oh …good . wow. good. waoouh …very good…oh shit trees …trees ..cliffs. upside down . stuck ..jungle. bushwack , rock bed. back down. lift lowers. real good. rock bed. back home . go to work.

Again, skiing with oli and this time Hugo, nate tof and thor …they are too fast. no riding pictures. life style …AH!!

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