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a hang over afternoon of sort in the rond

tom grant-1-2

tom grant-1-3

tom grant-1

spring powder. 2 days in the valley with Mark Shelp and Michael-bird-shaffer

une bande de cochons et pis c est tous. des salopards au col des courtes …

the window

the spring weather patterns are making the weatherman look like a hysterical junky who took a bunch of acid before writing his forecast. However, we found a window big enough for a kaw-aw-wing crowmonkey, a growling goat, a punkviking a few frenchies some yankees ..later followed by more vikings and one south african.

dave rosenbarger

the Rond ..a little sketchy

There is something to say about being sea side and then waking up at the top of the rond. the rond and the cosmique were not so friendly today. . slabs and hidden ice and wind crust…we triggered about 4 slabs (some bigs) skiing down and i went on 2 front flips releasing my 2 skis each time with that crusty between those, it was fun. deep and face shot . the cosmique apparently had some big slabs as well. we all made it down. safe. good times. then we did another round down the valley blanche…just because.

The rond felt very steep today.

got scared for a minute…